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Do your research.

The true cost of running a professional disco isn’t cheap.


For your own peace of mind – Do Your Research, ask the right questions (see  our FAQs) or do you want to leave it to chance?

Hear at OnStage Disco and Laser Show, we’ll keep your party rocking and make sure your event is remembered for the right reasons. Have a look at our costings or call for a quote.

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Focus on service, not cost.

The Mobile Disco Industry is the only industry where most DJs are subsidising their client to the tune of at least £200 for the privilege of doing their party. That’s insanity.


So, you think you’ve secured a cheap DJ for £200 or less, do you? Well, unless you have a signed contract or at least a letter of confirmation in writing, DON’T expect too much. And when your DJ lets you down, you’ll have no come back.

Don’t expect fine wine for vinegar prices

Although we understand that everyone has a budget, you cannot expect a fine wine if you’re only prepared to pay vinegar prices. It is a false economy.

When you book a cheap DJ, you might be lucky and get a good one, chances are you won’t.


Most brides will pay more for their dress than for their evening's entertainment. The average cost of a dress in 2022 was £1350. However, few will remember the dress, but they will certainly remember how good your party was. So why skimp on your evening’s entertainment? Cheap is expensive in the long term, of that there is no doubt. So let your party be remembered for the right reasons.


Just to give you an idea of the real cost of doing your disco. Based on a DJ doing 40 shows per year with a very basic setup of £5000 made up of cheap equipment and at least 2000 music tracks. Realistically, this would be barely adequate for more than 50 guests.

A 4-hour show is roughly 8-hours of chargeable labour. A wage at basic minimum (£10.18/hr) is £82 per person (DJ & Roadie £164) that’s before any fixed operational costs, equipment hire or profit. The true cost of even a small show would be more than double.

If you’ve paid £200 or less (£164 DJ + Roadie) then that leaves £36 to pay for gear hire, insurances, transport, fuel, music, depreciation, running costs and profit… I don’t think so somehow, do you?

Ask yourself these three questions:

1.    Would YOU work an 8-hour shift for less than National Minimum Wage?

2.    Would YOU hire your expensive gear to a stranger for nothing?

3.    Would YOU pay your employer £200+ for the privilege of working for them for a day?


I expect the answer to these questions is probably NO.

Then why would you expect your DJ to?

Call a company with more than 5000 events to their name

Don’t be in a rush to book the first available DJ.




Do you want the cheapest option, or one that can do your event the way you want it?

Operating costs


          * Incl. mileage 25 av. per trip x 40 gigs @ 45p / mile (fuel/oil/tyres, wear & tear)

        ** Fixed yearly cost over the period

      *** Based on National minimum wage in 2023 @ £10.18/hr.

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Once you've seen the rest, come and book the best

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